• The Bike Migration confirms that the utmost care will be exercised during the transportation of bikes to and from races.
  •  We make use of specially designed cardboard boxes in order to transport the bike.
  •  When dropping off your bike, we unclip the front wheel of the bike, place it in a wheel box, and pack the bike and wheel in a specially designed bike box.
  • Each bike gets a vinyl sticker number that corresponds to a box number for easy identification.
  • Items such as speedometers, heart rate monitors, water bottles, foot pumps, helmets or shoes can be placed in the box at no extra cost.
  • We do not move or adjust handlebars or bike seats or alter settings.
  •  We will reassemble the bike to be race-ready upon collection.
  •  We always aim to be as close as possible to the race start and finish for easy bike collection and drop-off.
  •  At The Bike Migration, we realise the value and cost associated with bicycles and we guarantee that we will take care of your bike as if it were our own.